Baccarat Result Display System

Game Baccarat is known to be a slow paced table game. Gamblers analyze the roadmap trends, make decision and squeeze the cards. Based on our study, with the help of our revolutionary Baccawin ™ Baccarat Result Display System, the system that can increase your baccarat Hands per Hour (HPH) by 20%.



Key Features



1. Banker Roadmap Forecast

Baccawin Baccarat Result Display system uses a flashing spot to illustrate what the roadmap will look like if the next hand to be dealt is Banker.


2. Advertisement Display

The lower right corner of the display system can be used to display advertising material for marketing purpose.


 3. Brand New Screen Layout Design

The new screen layout design can catch more foot traffic. And better illustrate table limits, result trends and statistics.


4. Wide-angle Monitor with Adjustable Monitor Mount

The brand new wide-angle monitors with multi-angel adjustable mount make sure all players in different betting position can see the screen easily.