Double Bonus Baccarat

【Game Rules】

Double Bonus Baccarat follows traditional Baccarat drawing rules. And all Banker winnings are paid 1 to 1 (Commission Free). 

Double Bonus Baccarat has two new rules on Banker side payout.


1. Push on Banker-4-Win


       If the Banker hand wins with a total of FOUR (consisting of two or three cards), the Banker   wager is a “PUSH”



























2. Win on Natual- 8-Tie

      If the Banker hand is a two-card 8 (Natural 8) and the Player hand is also a natural 8. The Banker wager paid 1-to-1.(The Player wager remains a push)

















【House Advantage】

House Advantage of Double Bonus Baccarat banker side is 1.14%, which is 7.5% higher than traditional Baccarat.

【Table Layout】

The following picture illustrate the standard layout.

Baccawin offers free layout design service to customize the layout for your casino floor. Please contact us to know more detail.